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Personal Food Computer 2.1

*Update 11 October 2018: Please note that MIT OpenAg at the Media Lab has paused research on these versions, and while their build resources remain available on our wiki page and GitHub, MIT OpenAg can’t currently support community members’ individual builds of these versions. Let us know if you're building one of these versions, or have modified the build on this Google Form. For more details, see this community forum post.

Please see the Personal Food Computers page for info on all versions of the OpenAg™ PFC.

The OpenAg™ Personal Food Computer v2.1 is an evolution of the PFC v2.0. This release includes a new light panel and updated software.

The updated software is the latest release of the openag_brain v1.0.0. It has several updates and many bug fixes.

For more details on testing done with the v2.1 updates, check out Reliability Test Grow log with notes, problems, pictures and results.

Note: The v2.1 LED light panel was custom-made by Tim (one of our awesome OpenAg engineers) and uses red/white/blue GE LED's. Some users have hacked their PFC's to use an off-the-shelf grow light panel. OpenAg is working on finding a light and supplier that fit system requirements and can be purchased online as a single unit.

Current Release

Release Notes

Major Changes

  • The Arduino firmware codegen has been replaced by a version controlled src.ino script. #274
  • rosserial has been replaced by a very basic bespoke serial protocol. #274
  • openag_python (previously a separate repo) has been deprecated and its functionality has been migrated over to openag_brain/src/openag_lib. #275
  • Added support for openag_brain_box/fermentabot hardware. #278
  • Fixed a long-term serial communications issue between the Raspberry Pi and Arduino #331

Minor Changes

  • All firmware modules no longer contain any blocking code.
  • Added an all_vars view to the database. Also changed the csv exporter a bit. #288
  • Decoupled the /desired value database persistence to a separate node instead of just the recipe handler.
  • Trace logging is enabled by simply doing touch ~/TRACE

Bug fixes

  • The DoserPump firmware module doesn't crash the Arduino anymore.
  • The PID loop no longer adds to e_i when the error is below the deadband which would cause runaway controllers.



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