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Food Computer UI


The food_computer_2 comes with a data dashboard and control panel that makes it easy to run Climate Recipes, see real-time data, and control lights, pumps and other actuators.


You can use the hosted web client. We also plan to package copies of the UI with openag_brain, so each Food Computer will ships with a copy of the UI. Visiting the Food Computer's IP address will launch the UI. will host the latest tagged release of the UI. Right now the UI is in-development, so it hosts the latest stable-ish prerelease.

Browser Support

The UI targets support for the following browsers:

  • Firefox 47+
  • Chrome 49+
  • IE 11+
  • Edge 14+
  • Safari 9.1+
  • iOS Safari 9.2
  • Android 51
  • Chrome for Android 51

Browser support for the above isn't yet complete, but is getting there!


We welcome contributions from anyone! See Contributing for help with getting started.

Note: the following steps are only necessary if you are a developer who wants to help build the UI. If you just want to use the UI, all you need to do is follow this link.

We use a handful of front-end tools written in Node to bundle modules and compile new ES6 features into boring vanilla JavaScript. To do development work on the front-end, you'll need to set up these tools.


  • NPM (comes bundled with Node)


cd ~/path/to/openag_ui/
npm install


npm run build

This will generate a folder called ./dist containing everything necessary for the app to run in your browser. Copy dist wherever you like, or drag/drop dist/index.html on to your browser to run the app.

If you're doing active development, and want your JS files to automatically rebuild after you save, you can run

npm run develop

This command will also generate source maps for the Javascript files.

The front-end can also log all the messages that go through the system to the console. This is useful for debugging, since the UI is deterministic and will reproduce the same UI for the same messages. To turn on this feature, add ?debug=true to the end of the url.

Development Planning

Planning notes for openag_ui:

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