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 +====== Hacking the MVP ======
 +The MVP code is almost all Python. ​ Cron is used to schedule events (lights ON and OFF), and some shell scripts (see: /​home/​pi/​MVP/​scripts) are used to cluster activities.
 +Code is roughly divided into these groups:
 +  * Sensors
 +  * Actuators
 +  * Controllers
 +  * Utilities
 +  * Variables
 +  * Reports
 +Sensors are the code that interact with the physical sensors - things that create information:​ thermometers,​ humidity sensors, ... Most of this code was sourced from the internet, often from the vendor who sells the sensor (ie. [[https://​​ | Adafruit]]). ​ Some of this code has been slightly modified for the MVP.
 +  * (temperature/​humidity sensor)
 +Actuators are physical things that get controlled: lights, fans, etc.  There is usually one or more files per object. ​ Often these are wrappers for the relay, as a relay is used for most of the switching functionality. These are usually.
 +  * (controls the fan)
 +  * (turns the lights On - called by cron)
 +  * (turns the lights Off - called by cron)
 +Controllers are the business logic that connects Sensors and Actuators
 +  * (responds to the temperature for fan adjustments - called by cron)
 +Utilities are miscellaneous functions that are helpers to other code:
 +  * (calls the sensors and records to the database)
 +  * (writes data to the database)
 +Variables persist state information and hold global variables used by multiple programs. ​ These are either dictionaries or JSON structures.
 +  * (MAC address and location information,​ reservoir levels)
 +  * (target temperature,​ fan state (On or Off))
 +Reports create charts. ​ These programs query the database and organize the data into a chart file.  These are run from /​home/​pi/​MVP/​scripts/​,​ which is called by cron.
 +  *
 +  *
 +===== Code Design =====
 +There is some inconsistency in the code, which reflects changes in knowledge and philosophy over time.  Some code is organized as objects, while other has function declarations.
 +Generally the code is self testing. ​ At the end of the program there is a test function which is run via:
 +''​if __name__=="​__main__":​
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