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 +==== MVP Chart Debugging ====
 +The charting program will have few problems. ​ Occasionally you may not see the data in the website, which may be due to the browser caching an old image, and not displaying the most current. ​ The program pulls data from CouchDB, if you have good data there, things should work.  If there is no data (which should be there if the script successfully ran), the chart will output with 'NO DATA' printed across it.
 +The first thing is to check that the database is up, and you have data.  From the command line, run the following:
 +>curl -g '​http://​localhost:​5984/​mvp_sensor_data/​_design/​doc/​_view/​attribute_value?​startkey=["​temperature"​]&​endkey=["​temperature",​{}]'​
 +If you have temperature data, this will bring it back.  It fetches the design document and gets the attribute_value view within it, passing the parameters for temperature data.  Humidity data would look like:
 +>curl -g '​http://​localhost:​5984/​mvp_sensor_data/​_design/​doc/​_view/​attribute_value?​startkey=["​humidity"​]&​endkey=["​humidity",​{}]'​
 +The next level of testing is to run the code (,​ un-commenting the print statements so you can see output.
 +For version 1.0
 +> python ~/​MVP_UI/​python/​
 +For version 3.0
 +> python ~/​MVP/​python/​
 +The chart should be output to the web directory. ​ This is a SVG graphic, though it does not open properly with many graphic programs; double clicking on it will often show a black page.  You need to open it in a browser to see the data.
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