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 +===== MVP 1.0 Circulation Fan Assembly ===== 
 +=== Material: === 
 +  * Fan 
 +  * Screw plug 
 +**NOTE**: The fans I have, have three wires. ​ The middle wire is voltage, and the ground is on the outside (right facing the plug). 
 +  - Clip the plugs from the fan. 
 +  - Place the center wire in the power side of the plug (+) and the right wire into the ground (-).  Tighten the wires in place. 
 +  - Test the fan: plug in a 12v transformer into the plug. 
 +  - This is the final wiring assembly for this fan. 
 +=== Installation ==== 
 +  - Draw diagonal lines on the top of the box from one corner to the far corner (if you have installed the lights, this has already been done). 
 +  - Center the fan over the center of the box (where the lines intersect), and mark the screw mounting holes. 
 +  - Using a small screwdriver (or awl, nail or piece of wire), punch through these marks through all layers of cardboard (you should likely only be going through one layer. 
 +  - Place a piece of duct tape over these holes, and pierce the duct tape. 
 +  - Push 4 - 8 inch cable ties through the fan mounting holes. ​ The label on the fan should be facing down, and the cable ties should come in from the label side (direction of air flowing out) and out the back. 
 +  - Line up the cable ties with the holes in the box (from the inside) and push them through till the fan is hanging about 4 inches from the top of the box.  This step is easiest if you have already put the door in the box.\ 
 +  - Attach 4 more 8 inch cable ties to the ones sticking out of the box, pressing them down to the top of the box.  Be careful not to pull the cable ties on the fan any further out. 
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