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OpenAg EDU

This is a space to collect the OpenAg community's insights, materials, and recommendations for introducing Food Computers into the education context - for students and adults, in-school and after-school, in libraries, community centers, museums - and inspire and empower the high-tech farmers of the future.

Since 2015, the “OpenAg EDU” project at the MIT Media Lab has been piloting Food Computers in classrooms in a grassroots effort to help students learn STEAM skills and engage in a hands-on, citizen science project on the future of agriculture, including work to mitigate its environmental impact.

More than 80% of the teachers who've tested Food Computers agreed/strongly agreed that they are a good tool to teach different disciplines and generate academic curricula. OpenAg EDU wants to work with educators all over the world to build high-impact, transformational educational practices that spark self-reflection, broaden frames of reference, and connect with students from diverse backgrounds.

Getting Started

Community Contributions

Add a link to your favorite growing resource, lessons/lesson plans, Common Core/NGS tracks here…

From the Open Agriculture Initiative at the MIT Media Lab

NextGen Middle School Science Education Standards for Food Computers (Source: Jordan Rogoff (2016); The Open Agriculture Initiative, MIT Media Lab)

i2 Learning & OpenAg PFC v3.0 Educator Guides


Green Street Academy Food Computer curriculum

Green Street Academy Food Computer Program (Source: Melanie Shimano (2018); Green Street Academy Refer to Melanie's post on the forum for context on building foam farms and more.


PowerPoint curriculum outline/draft (Source: Peter Webb (2018); MARSfarm LLC) Here is a forum post with more information about this curriculum: MARSfarm Curriculum

Open-source beta of MARSfarm: Minimum Viable Product Food Computer

FCS4ALL 3rd-5th Grade Curriculum

FCS4ALL Food Computer/Computer Science Curriculum for 3rd-5th Graders (Source: FCS4ALL (2019)); Here is a forum post with more information about this curriculum: FCS4ALL Curriculum Website

Additional Resources

Fairchild Challenge - Growing Beyond Earth

Growing Beyond Earth (Source: Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in collaboration with NASA (2017); Watch this TED talk to learn more about their program: TED Talk Research protocol used in classrooms to collect standardized data: Fairchild Research Protocol

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