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Open source project communication protocol

MIT Media Lab Open Agriculture Initiative team members communicate with community members to collaborate on projects using the following channels (listed in order from highest to least latency):

Our wiki is for design, documentation, prototyping and notes.

  • This wiki is for long term documents that we share and update together.
  • In process developer notes are here.

For project management, issues (bugs) and new feature suggestions, we use github.

For ongoing discussions, community help and consensus-building, we use our forum.

For collaboration with the OpenAg core team while fixing issues, we have a public gitter channel.

  • The (tiny) core team has to be protective of their time in order to be productive and move our projects forward in a timely manner. The forum is the best place for ideas, chat and questions. We use gitter only for public software development on specific issues. Please don't abuse this channel.

Please see our open_source_project_management page for details on how we collaborate as a community.

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