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Data on the Food Computer 2.0 is stored in CouchDB.

While the Food Computer is running, you can access the database in your browser, using the Food Computer's IP address:

http://<food computer IP>:5984/_utils/

This will open up CouchDB's "Futon" interface, a GUI for editing the DB.


You can also interact with the database via its API. See openag_brain API for more.


  • environment: stores environment IDs. Usually there is only one.
  • environmental_data_point: stores datapoints generated by Environmental Recipes.
  • firmware_module: stores firmware module configuration.
  • firmware_module_type: stores manifests that describe supported module types.
  • recipes: stores Environmental Recipes
  • software_module: stores software module configurations – things like PID loops to connect sensors to actuators.
  • software_module_type: stores manifests that describe supported module types.


The database can be configured via JSON files called Fixtures. See Fixtures for more.

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