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openag_brain CLI

openag_brain commands are typically accessed through rosrun.

For example:

rosrun openag_brain main personal_food_computer_v2.launch

openag_brain main

To start running the openag_brain system:

usage: main [-h] [-A API_SERVER] [-D DB_SERVER] [--screen] launch_file
Runs the entire software project. In particular, it initializes the database
(init_db) and runs the roslaunch file.

positional arguments:
  launch_file           The path to the .launch file to use
optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -A API_SERVER, --api_server API_SERVER
                        Address of the API from the api module
  -D DB_SERVER, --db_server DB_SERVER
                        Address of the database server
  --screen              Passes the --screen flag to the roslaunch call, which
                        forces all node output to the screen. Useful for

Load a built-in fixture before starting by putting it in the (default) catkin_ws/src/openag_brain/launch/personal_food_computer_v2.launch file.

openag_brain flash

Usage: rosrun openag_brain flash

  Flash the Arduino with firmware read from configuration.


  -d --build_dir  (optional) a directory in which to put the source files


rosrun openag_brain flash -d ~/build

flashing yaml format fixtures


git clone
cd openag_python
pip install -e .[flash]


openag firmware flash -f openag_launch/personal_food_computer_v2.yaml -t upload -p ros
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