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Brand Guidelines

When referring to OpenAg™ in print, always CamelCase the name with an uppercase O and and uppercase A.

In written documents, it is only necessary to use the TM symbol with the first instance of the mark, or with the most prominent placement of the mark.


  • OpenAg


  • OpenAG
  • openAG
  • openag

When talking about the OpenAg project, you'll hear a few different terms:

  • OpenAg refers to the project and the open source community.
  • The MIT Open Agriculture Initiative is the academic research arm of the project.
  • The Open Agriculture Foundation is the non-profit we're setting up to protect the open source project.
  • The OpenAg Holdings Public Benefit Corporation (BCorp) is a secured home for all the community developed assets and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Open Agriculture Foundation.

When referencing the project or the community, prefer OpenAg as the umbrella term.

Food Computers:

  • Food Computer refers to the controlled environment agriculture devices that the OpenAg community develops. It's a type of device, like a PC or a 3D Printer.
  • At least for now, Food Computer is a proper noun.
  • When talking about these devices, prefer Food Computer. If the device is one of the canonical OpenAg designs - a Personal Food Computer, a Food Server, or a Food Data Center - you can refer to it as an OpenAg™ Food Computer.
  • Personal Food Computer v1.0: the first prototype Food Computer. It was originally labeled “alpha”, but was so frequently referred to as “the 1.0” by the community, that the name stuck.
  • Personal Food Computer v2.0: the next generation Personal Food Computer.

Visual Design

See the Visual Design Handbook (pdf). It's a work-in-progress, but still useful.

  • Use brand colors for designs associated with OpenAg.
  • For software, use icon styles consistent with the branding handbook. Lean toward right-angled lines and matching line weights.

Trademark Policy

WIP. Our trademark policy is under development.

The term “OpenAg™” is a registered trademark of the OpenAg Holdings Public Benefit Corporation (BCorp), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Open Agriculture Foundation.

As the OpenAg community grows and “food computing” as a general term takes root, we’re learning from other successful open-source projects like WordPress how important it is to create a differentiating mark for our community, the software, and the hardware. The trademark is therefore the next step in our commitment to remaining an open-source project and protecting our open-source community.

We have the following goals for our trademark policy:

  • We want to make it possible for anyone to build, modify and improve upon OpenAg's open source hardware and software.
  • We’d like to make it easy for anyone to use the OpenAg name or logo for community-oriented efforts that help spread and improve OpenAg.
  • We’d like to make it clear how Food Computer-related businesses and projects can (and cannot) use the OpenAg name and logo.
  • We’d like to make it hard for anyone to use the OpenAg name and logo to unfairly profit from, trick or confuse people who are looking for official OpenAg resources.

See open source branding resources.

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